Pray the Promise: Faith and Finances

Pray the Promise: Faith and Finances

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21 Thank-You Prayers for Breakthrough in Your Finances Using the Provision of God’s Word

By Dr. Lynda Hunter Bjorklund

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Problems: everyone encounters them. They loom large in front of us. They paralyze and consume us. They leave us wondering how to pray about them.

But God’s Word tells us what to do when we face difficult circumstances. It describes itself as a “lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway” (Ps. 119:105). It shows us how and what to pray. We face a problem, we find a verse that addresses the issue, we pray that Scripture back to God, and God accomplishes His will in that situation.

In the first of the Praying the Promise Instead of the Problem eBook series, author Lynda Hunter Bjorklund helps readers dealing with difficult financial conditions start switching their focus from challenging issues to proven provision God has made for His people through His Word. Through the 21-for-21 Challenge, the reader thanks God for one Bible provision each day. After 21 days, the reader is on the way to a new habit of faith by focusing on the promise instead of the problem for every difficulty that lies ahead. Go ahead, take the Challenge!