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"I was born with a heart defect, and my parents were told I wouldn’t live to start kindergarten.

My mother, however, started praying God’s promises and literally saved my life."

Lynda Bjorklund

At first, the news devastated Mom as she prepared to lose one of her children.

BUT, she was young in her faith, young enough to believe that what she read in the Bible was true. She bought my school clothes and continued and continued and continued to pray promises she had discovered, such as Isaiah 54:13. By the end of first grade, I received a clean bill of health!

Other than the bad diagnosis, Mom had only her faith in the One whom she had grown to love. She allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to her and to make some things in the Word of God become her words of promise. It came alive in her heart and grew bigger than the mounting evidence to the contrary.

Through my mother’s example and other life lessons, I’ve also learned to take Scriptures God has given me and turn them into prayers to conquer other “bad diagnoses” I’ve received. That’s why I wrote the eBook series!

If you’ve struggled with ways to pray effectively about big or small areas of your life,
the Praying the Promise eBooks will provide a great place to start.

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Each one offers a quick, easy, and non-threatening introduction to finding YOUR promises and then consistently praying them until you see the results no matter how long it takes.

Through the eBooks and 21 daily emails from me to you, you will learn how to thank God for one Bible provision each day that deals with one tough situation in front of you. After 21 days, you will be on your way to establishing a new and effective habit of prayer for today’s issues as well as for those that lie ahead by defaulting to God’s promises instead of the problems.

For a Limited Time, I’m making the books available for less than the cost of a latte or greeting card to get you started. I would love to have you personally share with me answers to your prayers.

So let the promise praying begin!