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I view my website is an extension of my home, and I want to welcome you to it! Thank you for visiting.

I hope you sense a partnership together, as I do, in partaking in the Fine Spiritual Food our Lord provides. Please take your time in looking through the site.

Feel free to leave comments or send me messages. God created us all for a purpose, including you. It is an honor to serve you.


About Lynda

Lynda has been called a “purveyor of fine spiritual food.” She has a passion for God’s Word and the difference it can make in the everyday lives of women today. Lynda instills hope by sharing her own story of pain as well as God’s mercy and faithfulness in seeing her through. She pulls listeners in with her authentic passion, style, and personal stories and helps take them from where they are to where they need to be. She brings to life God’s transforming work in our lives as she shows women how to change situations they’re facing by changing themselves.

Lynda earned her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati and taught at Miami University. For more than three decades, she has spoken before audiences including Life on the Edge and Heritage Keepers. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows with such hosts as Janet Parshall, Dennis Rainey, Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and James Robison. She hosted the nationally syndicated The Lynda Hunter Show, a live-call-in talk show for women. She was the founding editor of Focus on the Family’s Single-Parent Family magazine and the author of several books:

My Heart, The Holy Spirit’s Home
SHE Teen (co-authored with Rebecca St. James)
SHE (co-authored with Rebecca St. James)
The Hungry Heart
God, Do You Care
Who Am I, Really
You Hold the Keys to Your Child’s Character
Parenting On Your Own
Single Moments

Lynda lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, Dave. They have six children and nine grandchildren.